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 Post subject: TWD Season 6 Episode 15 SPOILERS
PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:54 pm 
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Haven't been posting spoilers here like I used to, because I don't post much, but since we are getting closer to Negan I figured I'd post spoilers for the upcoming episode. Getting tired of Rick and his crew are now Rambo and crew. It's getting silly now.

- The episode opens with Carol who has met a group of saviors led by a guy named Hiro. Later we see how Carol met these people.

- After Rick is told by Tobin of Carol's departure, he and Morgan leave in search of her.

- Carol uses her ruse of “helplessness” as she always does and abruptly disposes of them with a gun that was hidden in her sleeve. But unbeknownst to her one of the men survived.

- Morgan and Rick come upon a zombie that they are concerned may be Carol but after seeing that it's not her they kill it. They spot a guy in custom-made armor and chase him into an abandoned barn. The guy starts screaming that zombies are coming and Rick and Morgan have to kill a few, then Rick turns his gun on the armored guy. Before Rick can kill him, Morgan pushes Rick saving the other man's life. Morgan explains why he saved the man in armor to Rick by confessing that he'd secretly held a Wolf captive and thinks he succeeded in reaching him.

- Rick tells Morgan that Michonne stole his protein bar.

- Carol is ambushed by the savior who survived her attack, he shoots her a few times (in the leg and arm) and has her down for the kill. But just in the nick of time Morgan comes to the rescue with a pistol.

- Morgan tries to reason with him but the man will not give up his gun or pursuit. Morgan ends up shooting Carol’s assailant, finally breaking his own code and kills him.

- Back at Alexandria, Maggie wants a new haircut and asks Enid to do it, but Enid is worried that she'll cut it too short because she was used to cutting her father's hair. But as you've seen, the new look turns out ok... then Maggie starts getting stomach pains.

- As you saw in the promo Daryl ends rides off from Alexandria. He ends up in the woods where he (and at least his bike) is found by members of the group that go after him, particularly Michonne. The end of the episode features him surrounded by Dwight and his saviors, ambushed from behind. Dwight shoots Daryl from behind and Daryl’s blood is splattered on the camera. (but don't fear/jump for joy just yet.. the source confirms that if you watch the scene in slow motion you can see that the gun was pointed to Daryl’s shoulder) End credits.

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